under love's heavy burden do I sink

BW//BODYFOCUS PHOTO BY: nealwaltersphoto INSTAGRAM: @nealwalters_


BW//BODYFOCUS Photo By: nealwaltersphoto Instagram: @nealwalters_
First time I’ve done full-body nudity and can I just say… It was nerve wracking at first, but it was the best choice in the end. A lot of the little things I originally disliked about my body.. I’m now seeing in a different light.  Thanks to Neal, for making me more body positive and working with him has helped my self-confidence grow. Great photographer x

Ugggggh BELLA

So proud of the girl I love, ugh

"Hope they turned out ok, we got a little silly whilst painting xo "
Ohhhhh my, this is the greatest, seriously!!

I wish I was adored by you



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The reason this wasn’t aired though, is because it broke one of NIckelodeon’s rules about a show can’t acknowledge its own ending. Also the producer didn’t want kids to be sad because the ending involves them dying and going to “Cartoon Heaven”